Where and how are Adish’s collections made?

Most of Adish’s collections are made locally in Palestine and Israel, and the designs center around traditional Palestinian techniques in the region. This means our supply chains are short, and we can build strong person-to-person relationships. Hand-sewn Tatreez is produced by Palestinian craftswomen in Ramallah, Dheisheh refugee camp, and Hebron. Each garment is sewn with the location where it was embroidered and the name of the women’s embroidery group that produced the Tatreez. Having partnered with the Lakiya Weaving Factory in the Negev, AdishH’s collections also feature embroidery, weaving, and tassels made by women from Bedouin communities in their traditional craft.


It's important to note that the denial of Palestinian people's freedom of movement by Israel affects every aspect of life for most Palestinians. In a faint shadow of this reality, Adish production is complicated by checkpoints, road blockages, and ID checks.