What is your relation to Palestinian culture?

We never want anyone to be confused about the roots of the crafts we work with, whether this is Palestinian Tatreez embroidery or the weaving techniques of Bedouin artisans in the Negev.


We do not obfuscate: Tatreez is a Palestinian craft. We celebrate the Palestinian heritage of Tatreez and the skill of the craftspeople who produce it. We honor its inextricable link to Palestinian history and the right to Palestinian autonomy in labels in all of the garments we produce.


There is a long and shameful history of deliberate cultural appropriation of Palestinian symbols by Israelis, including the co-opting of the keffiyeh, which is part of the uprooting of the reality of the Palestinian experience. We aim to buck this trend by centering the living craft of Palestinian Tatreez, using our privilege as a half-Israeli company to challenge the narrow, negative narratives around Palestine and Palestinians that prevails in Israel and elsewhere, and to fight against the erasure of Palestinian culture.