Spring-Summer '19- Area A

The inspiration behind the Spring-Summer 19’ collection is Palestinian taxi drivers from the West Bank, who are also the literal driving force behind the brand’s work process. The title of the collection, “Area A,” refers to the part of the West Bank that is supposed to be administered by the Palestinian Authority, and is surrounded by walls or heavily patrolled borders.


Most of the people from “Area A” cannot leave or enter without receiving permission from the Israeli government, and the area can only be visited by people from “Area B”--a shared space between Israeli and Palestinian authorities--or from “Area C,” which is completely controlled by Israel even though it’s seen as part of Palestine.


Therefore, in order to be an efficient taxi driver with access to all areas, one has to be born in Area C. The taxi drivers don’t wear a uniform and their look is traditionally nondescript, yet still somehow characterized and discernible.


With this collection, we strive to raise this discourse of freedom and mobility and call this reality to the attention of the international community, while celebrating the look and feel of the taxi driver’s lifestyle in occupied Palestine.