Spring Summer '18 - We Made you

Our very first collection was centered around and dedicated to the women with whom we collaborated on its production and manufacturing process - specifically the Palestinian embroiderers Najla from Beit Ummar and Nada from Dheisheh Refugee Camp in occupied Palestine - whose stories deeply moved us and inspired us to have them represented and told through the collection.


These are women who have endured many hardships and challenges under the occupation yet are still determined to push through, working tirelessly every day towards creating a better future for their children and communities. They educated and introduced us to the embroideries and techniques that came from their homes, families, and traditions, and we collaborated with them so that they could recreate and embroider them in the collection itself.


This is highlighted by the rose embroidery prevalent in the collection, a pattern passed down from generation to generation in Najla’s family for over 120 years, and it was hand-embroidered onto the collection pieces by her and her family.